This is not a fashion blog

In my grand plan, the prime purpose of this blog is not to write about things quite so superficial as my hairstyle, but that is what’s on my mind today. Almost four years ago, I stopped cutting my hair. Time and gravity eventually made it so long that a good friend of mine was practically begging me to cut it. Today I did, at hairstyle here in Linköping. The hairdresser began by putting my ponytail in a neat bundle and cutting it off. It’s close to 40 cm in length and I’ve been informed that it’s possible to sell for real money. I thought the following exchange between me and the hairdresser was kind of funny:

—How often have you trimmed your hair?
—Twice a year?
—No, twice.

The mandatory before and after pictures:

Philip with very long brown hair before the haircut, and much shorter afterwards

I’m quite happy with the end result, but it will take a few days of getting used to. Soon I’m heading off to jujutsu practice to see how well suited it is for some rolling-on-the-floor action.

One thought on “This is not a fashion blog

  1. Impressive.
    I mean the “before” picture is impressive.

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