Journey to the East, Part 2

English translation below.


Today I got a letter from BLCU. They wrote “we are pleased to inform you that ... we have decided to enroll you to study at the College of Advanced Chinese Training as a General scholar student from September 1 2006 to July 31 2007”. Even though I’m a bit nervous I’m also very happy. It looks like I’m really going to China in September. Now I have to find a room in Beijing.

5 thoughts on “Journey to the East, Part 2

  1. Well, it didn’t take that long for you to write this post with Chinese...
    Great job overall...just a few mistakes

    1.我今天接到一封从北京语言大学的信。 from blcu is the adjective for ‘letter’
    2.学习的时间 (i believe this is a typo:P)
    3.虽然我”有”一点紧张,但是我很高兴。we use 有 though in English is I AM a bit nervous


    Hope you can understand what I’m saying, feel free to ask me if there is any problem.



  2. oh... forgot something:)


  3. Jess,多谢改正错误,我非常感谢。可是我不会更新博客因为我想它体现我的中文。

    Thanks for correcting my mistakes Jess, I really appreciate it. I won’t update the blog though as I want it to reflect my own Chinese.

  4. About 2, that was really the way it was written in the admission notice. Given that they are a Chinese language university, is it likely that this is a typo?

  5. Hi, 菲利普! (hope you like this name:P)

    学习的间” doesn’t make any sense to me anyway!
    Yeah, I don’t think you should update it, because this would show your progress in learning Chinese. I pointed them out only for your convenince to learn Chinese.:)



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