Don’t worry mom

Since my previous food related post, I’ve actually succeeded at ordering vegan food every time. Today I went to eat dinner without any friends or dictionaries and still succeeded to communicate my wishes. There weren’t even any pictures in the menu! My standard phrase is now 《我什么肉也不吃,你有素菜吗?》 and it hasn’t failed yet. The problem now is rather that my diet isn’t very varied, I mostly eat tofu and rice. I just moved to an apartment of my own, so I should start making food myself to get a bit of variation (in terms of taste and nutrition). Just thought I’d share...

2 thoughts on “Don’t worry mom

  1. Dear son!!
    Good to hear that my worries are over....tofu is good food, but I some beans would do you good as well.... Don`t forget to take your vitaminpills!!
    Love mom

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