I’m sorry. Life is good!

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in such a long time. I’m sorry that I’ve written too much in Chinese. I’m sorry that I am in Beijing when all of my friends are not. I’m sorry that I’m not going to translate that article about me until I write my memoirs.

Since my last post I’ve been back to Sweden to get myself a new visa and was back in Beijing on August 15. Even though I still have one year of left on my computer science degree I am already doing my thesis project here at Opera Software’s Beijing office. The topic may or not be secret and involves many things that I really enjoy doing. I should be done by January, because that’s when I’m going to continue my studies in Linköping.

Next week is a national holiday in China, at which time my angel/girlfriend is coming from Việt Nam to see me. I cannot imagine a better way to spend the week than roaming around Beijing, going to all the places we used to like. 太幸福了! What’s more, I’m going to visit her in Hà Nội (the capital of Việt Nam) in the first two weeks of January before going back to Sweden. Life is good!

Interview with me in Shanghai IT Times 2007-06-15

7 thoughts on “I’m sorry. Life is good!

  1. Hi Philip, welcome back 🙂

  2. Hej~
    Jag kommer från Kina och nu studerar i Göteborg.
    Du telar bra Kinesiska! I am still struggling with my Svenska -:)
    Great to visit your blog!
    Have a nice time in Beijing~

  3. Hello!

    Nice to see something new on your blog!

    Are you also sorry because it is forbidden to get someone else to translate that article before it is possible to get hands on the translation in your memoirs? Or are you sorry because all translation of that article is forbidden and you are anyhow not going to include it in the memoirs even though you will translate it when you write them?

    I myself might be a little sorry for this weird way of asking a simple question. =)

    See you in January!

  4. Actually, I’ve gotten permission from the writer to put it on my blog, so I doubt there would be any legal issues in translating it no matter who does it. I kind of do want to translate it, but it’s so far down on my priority list that it’s more realistic to include it in my memoirs than my blog... Although I guess in the future we won’t need people to write memoirs, we can just read their old blog entries instead.

  5. Hej!
    Jag heter 婧. Jag bor i Linkoping nu.

    These are all my knowledge of Svenska. 🙂 I came to sweden in Aug. And I search and find your blog. It’s really interesting and attractive. Your writing is quite good. I know the difference between Swedish and Chinese. So you are a talent in Chinese ,haha~

    Hope u have fun in China!

  6. 漫画超有趣,我完全可以想象到当时的场景。 我在的瑞典南部小城nybro也会有人盯着我这个外国人看,问我是不是日本人,不过没有你在中国遇到的那么夸张,而且我知道他们很友好:)

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