Electrolux Ice Server Home Edition

The last week or so foolip.org has been available only sporadically, as I have moved to a new apartment. After acquiring a new silent hard drive and silenter fans, I had to find a discrete place to put the server. The first though was in the closet (where many respectable home servers live) but that would mean having cables running across the floor. I eventually decided on the cleaning cupboard in the kitchen. I pulled the refrigerator out to make room for some cables when, lo and behold, I found...

The Ultimate Server Hideout

Some genius has made room on top of the refrigerator just big enough for my server! It was clearly meant to be...

I'm on your refrigerator, listening to port 80

With the refrigerator pushed back in place, there’s little to tell that there’s a server in hiding. What makes it even cooler (pun intended) is the perfect positioning next to the air circulation system:

Cooling System

Could this all be a coincidence? I think not! Check out the revealing hint in the freezer compartment below...

Ice Server

With my new Ice Server™ up and running, foolip.org is open to the world again!

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