Brand name collision

This morning I discovered that I’ve gotten competition for my personal “brand” foolip. I can’t image why anyone would think that foolip is a good name for any commercial endeavor, but anything is possible on the interwebs. I sure hope this is going nowhere or the googleability of myself could be in jeopardy. As a counter-measure I’ve registered the domains and, maybe I can do something fun with them...

3 thoughts on “Brand name collision

  1. Hello!
    Doesn’t have anything to do with your brand name, but just wanted to give you my gratitude! I’ve been writing a paper on online protests in China and I have been trying to find that particular SMS that triggered the Xiamen protest of June 2007. And finally, there it was on your blog!! Hurray! Will it be OK to copy-past that in my paper? I will name your reference of course.

    Laura from the Netherlands.

  2. Laura, go ahead and use any of the information in that post as you wish. Unfortunately the post where I found the text myself seems to be gone already, the Chinese sure know how to keep their intertubes clean...

  3. Great, thanks! Yeah, unfortunately the blogs have been bei GFW le..

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