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About a year ago I discovered the delights of listening to podcasts, and I have done so practically daily during my commute. Unfortunately, the screen on my phone recently went black and for a while I thought my feeds were lost. I did eventually managed to extract them, so now I’m making a public backup, in the form of podcast recommendations:

60-Second Space (RSS) is one of several bite-sized podcasts from Scientific American. Since it’s so short I seldom remember anything, but when queued up it can serve as an overview of recent space news.

Discovery (RSS) is a science podcast from the BBC.

Freethought Radio (RSS) is a podcast with news, music and interviews from the Freedom from Religion Foundation. The news is rather US-specific, so I just pick the episodes with interesting interviews.

Humanistpodden (RSS) is the official podcast of Humanisterna, a Swedish secular humanist organization. Some episodes are in English, e.g. the excellent interviews with Ophelia Benson and Peter Singer.

Little Atoms (RSS) is a “talk show about ideas and culture.” The host sounds like a really nice guy, maybe it’s the British accent?

Planetary Radio (RSS) is the Planetary Society’s show with news and interviews. It sounds very scripted and a bit dry, but the actual content is interesting.

Red Planet Radio (RSS) is a newly launched podcast from the Mars Society.

Science Talk (RSS) is a science podcast from Scientific American.

Science Weekly (RSS) is a science podcast from The Guardian.

Skeptoid (RSS) is my probably my favorite podcast, see my previous post for episode recommendations.

Språket (RSS) is a Swedish radio show about the Swedish language, and is what got me started listening to podcasts.

StarStuff (RSS) is by far the best space podcast that I have found. The host, Stuart Gary, has a nice Australian accent and appears to be incredibly knowledgeable when interviewing the authors of recent papers, etc.

The Atheist Experience (RSS) is actually a call-in TV show from Austin, Texas, but I listen to it as a podcast. I recommended episode #795 on Twitter, with my favorite hosts Tracie Harris and Matt Dillahunty.

I’ve prepared an OPML file with all 13 feeds for importing. I can recommend DoggCatcher for Android if you don’t already have a podcast player.

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  1. The “Stuff you should know” is pretty good too. I listen to it whenever I have a long drive.

  2. Visste inte att du lyssnade på Atheist Experience. Vi har visst samma favorit hosts också...

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