More podcast recommendations

It’s been two years since my previous podcast recommendations, and I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts since then. I recently posted my favorite episodes on effective altruism, and here some more suggestions on all kinds of topics that interest me.

GitMinutes is fun if you’re a Git power user, these are stories about messy Git migrations, code review tools, hosting, etc.

Hanselminutes is a podcast for software developers. I only listen to the occasional episode that looks especially interesting, like the interview with felt@ from the Chromium project.

omega tau goes into incredible depth on very niche science & engineering topics, like the Apollo Guidance Computer.

Philosophy Bites is exactly what it sounds like. Nick Bostrom on the Status Quo Bias was fun.

Point of Inquiry has had an very impressive lineup of guests over the years. Take your pick, or take mine: Peter Singer.

Rationally Speaking also has good taste in guests: Holden Karnofsky, Peter Singer, Max Tegmark, Paul Bloom, ...

This Developer’s Life is an anecdote-fueled tour of software development, with episode titles too vague to be useful...

Very Bad Wizards is two guys arguing about morality, mostly.

Waking Up with Sam Harris is my top recommendation, hands down. The guests are phenomenal, and Sam’s voice really adds something to the experience that you don’t get in print. Two episodes with Paul Bloom—The Virtues of Cold Blood and The Dark Side—are among my favorites. Before Sam had his own podcast he appeared on many others, and he still does from time to time. These are all that I could find:

My fantasy podcast would be Sam Harris and Peter Singer in conversation, 8 hours non-stop about trolley problems, average vs. total well-being and akrasia. Until the podcast genie grants my wish, listening to them separately will do, and in addition to the episodes from my post on effective altruism I have found plenty more with Peter Singer:

That’s it for English podcasts, men jag har några tips på svenska också.

Fondpodden hittade jag via Avanzas podcasttips, där det även finns annat som är intressant om man sparar i fonder.

Kreditvärden är en podcast om företagsobligationer, vilket ju inte låter så spännande, men det blir mycket allmänt om ekonomi och framförallt så är Louis & Gabriel väldigt trevliga att lyssna på.