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Our hero, Sun Wukong
Our hero, Sun Wukong

Princess Iron Fan (铁扇公主) is a Chinese animated movie from 1941 about one of Sun Wukong's first adventures. Both the movie and English subtitles can be downloaded below.


A DVD quality version is available at

This is from an NTSC DVD which appears to be converted from a PAL source. The original framerate is 25 fps and this should be reversible with some clever inverse telecine filter. has automatically generated smaller versions of the film for your convenience.

Another version with denoised and brightness adjusted video is also available for download.


Thanks to an anonymous visitor for sending the SRT subtitles.

Thanks to anmo-222 and Esn for the Russian subtitles.

Producing SRT subtitles

The format used in the wiki is very close to SRT but the wiki formatting and comments need to be filtered out. On a UNIX-like system, copy the wiki formatted text into a text file called Don't include any text in the beginning or end which aren't part of the subtitles. In a shell, do

cat | egrep -v '^</?pre>|^==|^#' | awk 'BEGIN {i=1} /-->/ {print i++} {print}' > should now be a valid and useable SRT subtitle file.

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